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General Description

The main objective of the Rincon Bay development is to offer a prime tourist destination alternative that will contribute to the sustainable growth of the area, while living in harmony with the natural environment. 

The total area of this project is of approximately 9,000,000 Sqm² with 2,450 lineal meters of beachfront property and a capacity of 9,625 rooms spread over the total area of the project, to be used for real estate and hotel development.

Project amenities will include an 18-hole golf course with PGA standards, a golf clubhouse, horseback riding center, sports areas, beach club, and spa facilities supplementary to the hotels. The shops, restaurants, bars and leisure facilities will be integrated into a village.

The project has been designed to reflect the abundant natural resources, respecting and caring for the surrounding natural beauty. The project will make sure that all construction and finishing materials will be in compliance with the preservation and integration of the environment.

Master Plan

The Master Plan includes seven beachfront hotels with a total of 4,572 rooms. A Beach Club will allow access to the beach for visitors and residents and will be located between hotels six and seven. 

The remaining 5,053 rooms will be divided into residential units, split into two types: villas and apartments. The exterior design of each residence will need to comply with the established architectural regulations and design criteria in order to maintain a similar façade and to ensure integration with the entire complex.

Master plan

General Services and Infrastructure

All major infrastructures will be completed during the first phase of the project. This includes the construction of paved roads, water reservoirs and associated distribution systems, and underground electricity distribution lines. A main boulevard will be built that will service the different entryways to residential, beach and golf areas as well as a beach boulevard that will connect the hotel lots and the beach club to the main road.

The developer will provide each residential and resort unit with the required common services, which will include: security, maintenance of gardens, landscape and common areas, electricity, an emergency electric generator, water, etc.

General Services
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